Meet Our Team

Anne-Sophie, Co-Founder

Meet Anne-Sophie, a co-founder with a passion for exploration and a global perspective. From an early age, she embarked on journeys across France, Australia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, cultivating not just experiences but also lasting connections. Her academic journey took her through a Masters by research in International Relations at the Australian National University (ANU), followed by a Doctorate at the Ecole normale supérieure (ENS-Lyon) in France.

Currently based in Perth, Western Australia, Anne-Sophie helms Komno Pty Ltd, where she focuses on spearheading lead development for clients spanning diverse sectors. Her expertise lies in forging strong relationships, a skill she has honed through her extensive travels and academic pursuits.

With a visionary outlook, Anne-Sophie played a pivotal role in structuring Komno Store Pty Ltd as a distinct entity in 2022. Under her guidance, KF94 was established to specialize in the import and distribution of Korean KF94 facemasks.

As a co-founder and a driving force behind our endeavors, Anne-Sophie brings her unparalleled passion for exploration, academic acumen, and business expertise to our team, shaping the trajectory of Komno's journey towards success.


Brenda, Co-Founder

Meet Brenda, a dedicated member of the Komno Pty Ltd team since 2018. She has brought her expertise to a range of projects, showcasing her versatile skills and commitment. Brenda is not only a Co-Founder of Komno Store, a brand under the umbrella of Komno Store Pty Ltd, but she is also the driving force behind the creation of our upcycled products made from Doypack materials.

With a keen eye for quality and innovation, Brenda's role extends beyond Komno Store. As part of the KF94 initiative, she is deeply passionate about sourcing and providing top-notch facemasks from Korea. Her focus lies in refining our business development strategies and strengthening our distribution network.

Brenda's journey began on an enchanting island in the northern region of Cebu, Philippines, where she was raised. Today, she resides in the vibrant heart of Cebu City, infusing her unique background and energy into everything she does.

Brenda's dedication to sustainability and her pivotal roles in both Komno Store and KF94 showcase her unwavering commitment to our mission. Her strategic thinking, creativity, and passion for delivering excellence make her an indispensable asset to our team.


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