Why Choose KF94 Masks from kf94.au

Reliable Protection for Diverse Sectors

Amidst global conversations, kf94.au recognizes the need for dependable protection across various sectors. While the world was grappling with challenges, Anne-Sophie, our co-founder, found solace in a window seat overlooking the Indian Ocean. Amid laughter and connection, a solution emerged.

Tales of mask shortages, scams, and discomfort reached us from friends and family worldwide. In response, kf94.au was born - a Perth-based supplier of authentic KF94 facemasks, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of well-fitting, proven masks for discerning consumers.

Setting the Gold Standard

At kf94.au, we champion KF94 as the gold standard in protection. Let's delve into its significance:

To understand the importance of KF94, let’s explain:

  • KF (Korea Filter) certification verifies assessment by the Korean MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety).
  • 94 signifies a 94% filtration efficiency, capturing particles as small as 0.4 microns. Korea's history of mask reliance due to air quality concerns drives their rigorous mask production standards. Certified Korean face masks are our cornerstone for ultimate protection, encapsulated in our name - kf94.au.


      The Ultimate Solution

      Wave goodbye to mask mishaps - kf94.au offers a remedy. Mask discomfort tales - fogged glasses, gaps, discomfort - while humorous, highlight real issues.

      Good Manner kf94 Facemasks

      Introducing Good Manner kf94 Facemasks:

      • Effortless application
      • Soft, hair-friendly elastic loops
      • Two sizes for a perfect fit
      • Secure sealing around cheeks and nose bridge
      • 3D adaptability for every face
      • Streamlined profile and neutral colours for easy coordination

      We chose Good Manner after testing eight KF94 brands firsthand. We're confident you'll love them, just like we do. In April 2021, CBC News' Marketplace Testing and the University of Toronto's Dalla Lana School of Public Health ranked Good Manner KF94 masks 1st for filtration efficiency.

      Serving Multiple Sectors

      kf94.au caters to diverse sectors:

      • Convenience stores
      • Pharmacies
      • Dentists
      • Construction companies
      • Salons & skincare clinics
      • Online shoppers

      Welcome Bulk Orders

      For bulk purchases, think kf94.au:

      • airline
      • workplaces
      • schools
      • care facilities
      • skin care establishments
      • kids' venues
      • conferences & events
      • sales teams
      • real estate agents
      • construction companies
      • mining companies

      Your reliable source for Good Manner KF94 masks. Step into kf94.au's online store for unrivaled protection.

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