1. Why Choose KF94?

The term "KF" stands for Korea Filtration, and "94" signifies a filtration efficiency of at least 94%. KF94 face masks are certified by the Korean Government, guaranteeing high-quality protection against airborne particles. 

2. What Sets KF94 Masks Apart?

KF94 masks offer superior filtration compared to other masks, fitting snugly on the face to prevent leakage. The KF94 certification is awarded by the Korean Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) after rigorous assessment and supervision.

3. Are There Other Types of KF Masks?

In Korea, you'll find KF99 masks (99% filtration), KF80 masks (80% filtration), and KF-AD masks for droplet filtration. Each caters to different protection needs.

4. How Long Can I Wear a KF94 Mask?

KF94 masks are disposable and designed for single use. For optimal protection in non-medical settings, avoid wearing the same mask for more than eight to ten hours.

5. What's the 'Yellow and Fine Dust' Label?

The label refers to "Yellow Dust," fine particles blown into the atmosphere naturally. KF94 masks also guard against fine and ultrafine man-made particles.

6. Why Trust Korean Face Masks?

Korea has long prioritized particle protection. KF94 masks were in use before COVID-19, and Korea has pioneered various mask options.

7. What Lab Tests Have Been Done on Good Manner KF94 Masks?

Korean KOTTITI Testing & Research Institute tests show Good Manner KF94 masks achieve 99% efficiency for NaCI and 98% for Paraffin oil filtration.

8. What's the Issue with Counterfeit KF94 Masks?

Counterfeit KF masks lack official approval by the MFDS, risking ineffective protection and undermining respiratory health efforts.

9. How Can I Verify Authenticity of kf94.au Sold Masks?

Visit the Korean Pharmaceutical Integrated Intelligence System and search the approved list of face mask results. Follow this link Pharmaceutical Integrated Intelligence System.

10. Warning and Note to Australian Consumers:

Authentic Good Manner KF94 masks are solely manufactured by Handa HealthCare Co., LTD. Komno Store Pty Ltd t/as kf94 is the authorized distributor for 'GOOD MANNER KF MASKS' in Australia.

11. We chose Good Manner for you by trying them ourselves.

We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do and it appears we’re not the only ones! Here's some research from April 2021 by CBC News' Marketplace Testing and the University of Toronto's Dalla Lana School of Public Health, ranking Good manner KF94 masks as 1st in a list of face masks tested for filtration efficiency.

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